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Associate Professor Mutlu Unver

  • He was born in Uşak in 1982. He graduated from Uşak Anatolian High School in 2000.

  • He started his education life at Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 2000 and graduated in 2006.

  • In 2006, he worked as a general practitioner in the Malazgrit Health Center of Muş province as a

  • compulsory service.

  • After compulsory service in 2006, he started his specialty training at Ege University Hospital, Department

  • of General Surgery.

  • In 2012, Tepecik Training and Research Hospital was appointed as a general surgery specialist.

  • He worked as a General Surgery Specialist at Tepecik Training and Research Hospital between 2012-2014.

  • He continued to serve as a General Surgery Specialist at Medikalpark İzmir Hospital between 2014-2022.

  • As of 2022, he opened his own practice and started to see his patients in his clinic.

  • Dr. Unver specializes in cancers and GI surgery. He has advanced training in Surgical oncology with a focus on the multi-disciplinary care of cancers

About me

İzmirin en iyi genel cerrahı Doç.Dr.Mutlu Ünver
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